Extreme Weight Loss May Call For a Thigh Lift

A person’s Plastic Surgery Alabama is the container for their muscles, fat, skeleton and organs. The larger and heavier the person, the larger the container of skin has to be. The skin expands and contracts over time to accommodate many changes in a person’s life, such as growing into adulthood, pregnancy and the up-and-downs of poundage. After a drastic reduction of weight, there are times when the skin just can’t keep up. It is left loose and sagging after large amounts of fat has been lost. This varies from person to person and happens for different reasons. Some people have skin that exhibits a great deal of elasticity while others do not-the younger the person, the greater the elasticity that they usually have. A thigh lift is a surgical procedure where the plastic surgeon removes excess folds of unsightly skin from the upper leg area. It is sometimes performed as a solo procedure but can also done in combination with liposuction, if necessary.

Liposuction is a process where the physician dissolves and then removes excess fat through a suctioning device. There are different types of thigh lifts that may be performed, depending on the individual case. One type is referred to as the “Outer” or “Flankoplasty”. This kind removes and tightens the flank portion on a patient, as well as the outer upper leg area. Another type is referred to as the “Medial” or “Inner” thighplasty. It deals with the skin on the inner portion of the leg and is not usually the surgery of choice for contouring after weight loss. The favored procedure for the loose folds remaining after a sudden body thinning is referred to as the “Extended Inner” thighplasty. This is the method which combines the regular “Medial” type with the removal of a vertical strip of skin running from the crotch area to mid-leg.

If you are suffering from this unattractive figure flaw, an appointment with a reputable plastic surgeon could provide you with answers about how this surgical procedure could help you. View “before and after” photos to see what outcomes others in a similar situation have obtained. The procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis under either a general or local anesthetic. After healing, a person will be able to reap the rewards of their extensive dieting or stomach stapling. Not only will they be lighter, they will also be firmer and more proportioned. No more embarrassing folds and bulges. Clothes, such as shorts, jeans and skirts will hug them attractively and their self confidence will soar.

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